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Have you been looking for a studio or production agency that could boost your appearence or sound for your fans?  Well look no further locals!  Fizzgig Studios and Productions has been around for awhile now waiting to help you out!  We specialize on underground and local music like yours' and we aim to get the job done the way you've always wanted it.  Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock and Alternative, Punk Rock, R&B, Contemporary, Christian, Slow Rock, Acid Jazz, Rave and Dance, it doesn't matter what you play, what matters is what you want it to sound like, and/or what you want your album to look like.  We have sound engineers for mastering and mixing, graphics engineers for productions and art, as well as producers for music making from scratch or if you even already have your own; they can work with you to get what you want done right! 

     Originally founded and Owned by Christopher Lisle Allgood (X.) - Fizzgig was started to give underground musicians a better chance at the big-time sounds and profiling they've all been looking for. Being a 19 year musician himself in a band that's thrived for 11 years now with 6 albums under their wings, he understands what it's like to give your heart and soul to music and not get a freakin' thing in return as far as recognition from any labels and/or production corporations, even though playing tours has eatin' up all funds. Now graphics artists and web designers have been added to our folly of productions to give alittle more back to the interest of our clients.  We have also added a Producer for music writting which can handle taking on the strain of accompaniment and percussions., if some of you out there aren't capable of such complexidies.  

Here's a picture of our hard-working crew as of now.


Here is some of our upcoming Artists through Fizzgig:

 (H.S.C.)   High Side Coalition
- Back to Basics
- Back to Back
- Underground Freestyles Vol. 1 - 3
- Mental Breakdown
 X.  -  ( Formally known as Allgood )
- Not U. but Me
- Where was U.?
- Hybrid-Nation Sickness
- Sin-Opsys
- U. And Me
- We Have Ways...
- Think Before You Speak
- Eat Shit (Garage Demo 1993)
- Revolving Around The Mannequins at A 45 Degree Angle (R.A.T.M.A.)
- New Comers To American Life
- Evolve Devolve Revolve (E.D.R.)
- 7 Years Bad Luck
- Under God



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